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One-on-One PR & Publicity Consulting and Media Strategy


Ready to get in the media, earn credibility and make your work known?


Join me for this program to get in the media, build a platform and share your work with the world! 

                   Hello and welcome!

I’m happy you’re here to learn about my One-on-One PR & Publicity Consulting and Media Strategy.

Being in the media separates those who are viewed as leaders from the rest of the pack. Nothing says you’re the real deal more than having media logos on your websites, books or products.

I know first-hand what a total game-changer getting in the media can be.

After receiving a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College in Boston, I began my career working as an entertainment publicist on American IdolSo You Think You Can DanceGilmore GirlsMalcolm in the Middle and several other award-winning TV shows.

It wasn’t until I left the PR firm though, and founded Savvy Miss, an online community dedicated to connecting, empowering and informing women, that I understood how powerful publicity was for entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, bloggers and small businesses.

Our first year in business, we were like the little engine that could. Our team consisted of a handful of women (and one very savvy guy!) all under 30 years-old and we operated on a total shoe-string budget.

We didn’t have VC’s or any major financial backing, but we had a lot of heart and somehow “the little engine that could” was named a Forbes a Top 100 Website for Women and took home a handful of W3 awards including Best Writing and Content for a Lifestyle Website and Best Lifestyle Website Overall.

We also collaborated with and earned praise from influencers and newsmakers including Arianna Huffington, Candace Bushnell, Lisa Ling, Dr. Drew, Gloria Allred, Padma Lakshmi, Nikki Taylor, India Arie, Sue Johannson, Tammy Duckworth, The Girls Next Door, The Bachelorettes, Lisa Nichols and Nancy Juvoven to name a few.

Do you want to know our secret weapon?

We knew how to use PR and publicity to our advantage.

Everyone on our team did publicity and we were constantly being interviewed and talked about on the radio and written about in newspapers and online magazines and blogs.

We didn’t have the money to spend on ads or time to deal with the hit-or-miss frustrations social media often brings, so we focused our efforts on PR and publicity. And it paid off big time!

I created the DIY PR Course and this one-on-one program to teach fellow entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, bloggers and small businesses how to get in the media and do the same as our Savvy Team.

For over a decade, I’ve helped amazing people like you get in the media and increase revenues, build platforms and create a loyal audience of newsletter subscribers and social media followers, land book deals, speaking engagements and best of all, share their incredible work with the world.

And by the way, it’s easier than you think!

For 4-8 weeks we’ll work together. This program includes:

  • Full access to the DIY PR Course VIP option including step-by-step training to get in the media. ($647 value)
  • 6 Video Modules + PDF Workbooks located in our private member area.
  • Review of your 6 module workbooks.
  • A Powerful Welcome Workbook which I review fully.
  • 4 One-on-One Consulting and Strategy calls with me.
  • Email support in between calls. (Limited.)
  • 1,000+ media contacts from my database specific to you and your objectives.
  • Pitch templates and professional feedback and edits on your personal pitch templates.
  • Professional guidance, feedback and edits on all press materials.
  • Feedback and guidance for your online presence and brand.
  • Media strategy based on your objectives.

Click HERE to schedule a discovery call to see if my program’s a good fit for you. 

I look forward to working with you!

Emily Florence 

          Client Love

“Collaborating with Emily is simply ‘Em-Mazing’! You can say goodbye to work-induced stress and hello to abundance when you partner with her. Brilliant business advice coupled with heartfelt support helped me close my most lucrative deal to date in an easy, relaxed manner.” – Kim E in Aspen, Funtrepreneur
“I owe a lot to Emily Florence. She is a PR master of strategic communications! She helped launch my product, anchor my brand, and establish my business reputation. She has a large pool of resources and expertise in media relations and knows exactly what message, story, event, angle and news piece to deliver. She takes the time to fully understand, anticipate and analyze the goals of my business —and she tells the truth!” -Lisa Luckenbach, Owner and Founder, WiggleLess® LLC
“Working with Emily is an absolute joy. She is professional, detail orientated, and full of ideas. I’m incredibly grateful for her help with my book Hollywood in Heels.” – Charity Gaye Finnestad, Author, Hollywood in Heels
“Talking with Emily truly is an amazing thing. Every time I walk away feeling inspired and energized to work on my business. She is so great at reminding you of your strengths and pushing you to bring your A-game every day. Even if I’m feeling overwhelmed or ready to give up, a phone call with her will have me back on track and brimming with new ideas that I’m excited to put into action.” – Sarah Carrillo, Founder, Destination 42
“Whether it’s business or life in general, Emily is the person you want to talk to when you’re feeling stuck and the person you want to celebrate with when you’re feeling empowered. She truly cares about helping people thrive in business and in life, sharing not only a lot of thought and insight, but also a tremendous amount of heart. With Emily, you have an expert, cheerleader and friend all in one!” – Delilah De La Rosa. Founder, D Consulting, Communications Strategist
“Emily’s been a tremendous asset to our company. She has brilliant thoughts and advice for every issue that comes up plus she makes everything understandable for those of us who are new to business. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without her.” – Jacklynn Hudson, CEO, ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills
“Emily is an amazing and wonderful person and business woman, she gets business and life inside and out. Emily treats you like an old friend and not just a client. She delivers results that are truly amazing!” – Hallie Bull, Entrepreneur, Founder Hallie in the Hills
“Emily is uniquely gifted and consummately inspiring! Her soulful depth and intelligence along with broad creative and PR expertise has been powerfully effective for me. I heartily recommend her.” – Rachel Powell, Writer/Producer
“Emily is the best in her field! She’s helped me immensely develop my business and brand and get my work out in the world. She encourages and supports you every step of the way!” – Tom Faia, Musician
“Emily is my go-to for inspiration and insight. Our brainstorms always yields two things: results and smiles.” – Kyle Burke Walters, Entrepreneur