2018 Take Two

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Earlier this week, I shared my 2017 best nine on Instagram with the caption, “Because I’ve decided to start 2018 over again today!”

I did it because in a way I am starting 2018 over again (or entering a new phase), and also to show my friend who’d just whined, “This year blows. How long until 2019?!” that we don’t have to wait 10 months to begin again.

Nor do we have to get a new calendar to change.

At any point in a year or our lives we can declare, “Take Two!” or “Do Over!” and start fresh.

I’ve been observing and playing around with change lately and something I’ve noticed is how excited we get about setting goals or resolutions and ultimately starting with a clean slate to better our lives, but how little we do to support real change.

That may sound vague. Let me clarify…

Basically, I see myself and others flip a page on a calendar and decide something we’d like to change but don’t create an environment to support it.

Everything around us looks and feels the same.

I’ve noticed if we make subtle changes to our surroundings (move artwork around, or change our computer screensaver) it helps major changes occur with far more ease.

Because big goals or resolutions can take time here are a few easy-breezy ways to change things up immediately.

  • Change your ringtone for calls and texts.
  • Change your phone and computer screensavers.
  • Buy a new throw pillow or two for your couch, bed or chair in different colors and patterns as before.
  • Move furniture around.
  • Move artwork from room to room. (How many years or decades have you had the same painting hanging in the same location?)
  • Find a new favorite mug for your morning coffee or tea.
  • Print out recent photos and put them in frames. (If you’re anything like me you have 5,000+ photos on your phone but haven’t put many in frames or albums.)
  • Put a plant or flowers in a new area of the house.
  • Paint a wall.

Most of these things won’t cost a dime or take hours of time and they can make a huge difference in supporting newness and facilitating change.

It may sound simple, but it works wonders!

If you ever feel your year, month or even day isn’t going your way remember you can always call “Take Two!” or “Do Over!” and start again.

This life is ours to live. We get to play by our own rules.

Have a wonderful day!


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