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2018 Take Two

Earlier this week, I shared my 2017 best nine on Instagram with the caption, “Because I’ve decided to start 2018 over again today!”

I did it because in a way I am starting 2018 over again (or entering a new phase), and also to show my friend who’d just whined, “This year blows. How long until 2019?!” that we don’t have to wait 10 months to begin again.

A Valentine’s Wish For You

Valentine’s Day is here and while I personally appreciate any holiday that allows me to raise a glass and cheers, I know not everyone’s a fan of today.

Since we were kids, Valentine’s Day has been associated with love. Not just any love, but off the charts romantic, soulmate, I’ll cross rivers, slay dragons, love you forever and ever kind of 80’s rock ballad inspiring love.

Dreams, Regrets and a Conversation that Changed My Life


My fourth day of law school I met Chris Jones. I’d been staring out the window for most of class thinking, “Oh-no-no-no what have I done coming to law school?!”

When we wrapped, Chris who’d been sitting next to me asked my thoughts on what the professor said.

“I don’t really care.” I looked up at him…