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The Best Way to Say Goodbye to 2017

2018 is almost here. I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions, but as you may know, in order to make the most of the year ahead I believe in taking inventory of the year we’re saying goodbye to.

Taking inventory is a simple exercise and the best way I know how to set the stage for a fantastic New Year. And all it takes is a pen, paper and some uninterrupted time.

Dreams, Regrets and a Conversation that Changed My Life


My fourth day of law school I met Chris Jones. I’d been staring out the window for most of class thinking, “Oh-no-no-no what have I done coming to law school?!”

When we wrapped, Chris who’d been sitting next to me asked my thoughts on what the professor said.

“I don’t really care.” I looked up at him…

3 Simple Ways to Create a Good Day


You know those days where everything seems to go wrong from the moment you get out of bed?

We all know things tend to come in three’s and how a bad morning can turn into an even worse day.

In order to bring on the good from the moment we wake up till the time we hit the pillow here are 3 simple ways to create a good day: