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Feel Good Friday #1: Trust Something Better’s in Store


Happy Friday Friends!

I’m trying something new called Feel Good Friday that I’m excited about and hope you, my wonderful community, will enjoy. :-)

With so much fear, uncertainty and negativity going around I feel called to bring more light, hope and positivity to my own life, to yours and to the world.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of Feel Good Friday!

Trust Something Better’s in Store

On the eve of my birthday I have a tradition of watching the sunset by myself.

Sometimes I journal, take inventory of the past year and set goals. Other times, I simply watch the sun fall and say goodbye to the year.

I always do it somewhere with a spectacular view and I always take a picture.

Maybe So, Maybe Not

Last week, I was hit with a tsunami of technology problems. As it tends to go with technology, or any unexpected obstacle we encounter, it was terribly frustrating.

“Why me?! Why now?!” I bemoaned, feeling as if it was the worst thing that could’ve happened.

Then I remembered a story…