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I’m the founder & CEO of Savvy Miss, a community dedicated to connecting, inspiring & empowering women.

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My Next Chapter: Introducing Savvy Miss


I’m excited to finally share with you where my heart’s been the past few months (and why I’ve been a little MIA).

A couple of months after the December fires I dove into creating mode. As my friend Lisa reminded me last week, “out of destruction comes creation” and that’s certainly been the case for me.

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to Savvy Miss, an online community dedicated to connecting, inspiring and empowering women.

Personal Callings and Four Obstacles that Get in Our Way


Last week, my friend Lisa and I talked shop over happy hour. As we sipped on summer themed cocktails our convo turned to personal callings.

We’re all called to things but we don’t always pursue them. Why? Let me count the ways: We think it’ll be hard, scary, fear of failure, fear of success – that thing called money.

I’m currently following a personal calling, a new chapter for my business and life and I get how easy it is to turn the other way and ignore them.

Fire and Rain


As you may know, last December my community lived through what until this week was the largest wildfire in modern California history.

Now, as the new largest wildfire in modern California history rages in Northern CA and fires and floods are happening across the globe, I thought I’d share some tips for evacuating and dealing with Mother Nature.

I hope you never need them!