The holiday season is officially upon us. Christmas trees are being decorated, gifts wrapped in shiny paper and calendars are filling up with festivities.

It’s a magical time of year full of merriment and also a time when many of us sink into a state of overwhelm.

To keep the “Happy” in your holidays this year here are my 3 favorite ways to avoid holiday overwhelm:

  1. Keep in mind what it’s really about.

As much as we associate this time of year with lights, presents, parties, eggnog and cookies galore, the holidays are much more than a time to indulge in shopping, food and booze.

Religious observances and celebrations aside, the holidays are about love, connection, gratitude and joy.

If you find yourself racing around this holiday season, or scrambling to find the perfect gift, take a moment to remember none of that really matters.

What’s important is you allow yourself to experience the magic of the season and the love, joy and gratitude surrounding you.

Then spread that good cheer to all who you encounter.

  1. Know when to say “that’s enough”.

My Grandma Nonie may have been the sweetest person on the planet. She was inherently good-hearted and also, like many of us, a people pleaser.

It wasn’t until her 90’s when she started putting her foot down – and rightfully so!

That’s when she started saying, “that’s enough” and of course, in the kindest angel-like voice imaginable.

Whether “that” meant enough food, drink, hanging out socializing, or even when she said it to a priest giving a blessing before Thanksgiving dinner at the old folks home, Nonie knew when she’d had enough and wasn’t afraid to say so. (And in her defense, it was a really long blessing!)

In order to avoid overwhelm this holiday season, take a cue from my Nonie and know when you’ve had enough.

Set boundaries and honor your limits when it comes to food, cocktails, spending money on gifts or decorations and spreading yourself too thin.

And don’t be afraid to say to yourself and others, “that’s enough”.

  1. Schedule Me Time.

I talked about the importance of Me Time awhile back.

Me Time deserves non-negotiable time in our weekly (if not daily!) schedules. This is especially true during the holidays.

This time of year is emotional bringing high-highs and low-lows.

We cry tears of joy laughing and hugging loved ones we get to be near and tears of sorrow longing for those who’re no longer here.

Joy and melancholy are strung together like twinkly lights wrapped around a tree.

With all the emotions in the air (and never-ending to-do lists!) it’s important to take space for Me Time.

There’s no need to hideout for a day or slip away for a whole weekend to experience some seriously beneficial solo goodness.

Take a 15-minute hike in nature, enjoy a cup of tea at a table for one, or get cozy with your journal and free write for 10-minutes with no judgment of what comes out on the page.

Me Time isn’t earned, nor is it a luxury we should feel guilty about – it’s a necessity to recharge and help us show up as our best selves for others.

Make Me Time a priority this holiday season. Your loved ones will thank you for it. 🙂

To the most wonderful time of the year!


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