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Welcome! We’re all about helping you create more joy and ease in your life. While we know life won’t ever be 24/7 sunshine and rainbows for any of us, there’s so much we can do to feel good in our every day.

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My Holiday Wish For You

My Holiday Wish For You

Happy Holidays!

How are you feeling? 

Even though it’s supposed to be the happiest time of the year, it’s OK if you’re not. It’s a weird time, and we’ve all been through a lot the past couple of years – and it’s not always easy to “turn on” the merriment and cheer. 

While it’s important to do what you can to stay positive by practicing gratitude and looking on the bright side, it’s also important to allow yourself to feel all you’re feeling — instead of ignoring or shoving your emotions aside. 

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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Happy November! I hope you’re enjoying the new season that’s upon us. Even here on Kauai, fall is in the air and it’s a welcomed change. 

August marked one year since my pup Harper and I boarded a plane and moved to the lush, magical island of Kauai. As you may know, we had to quarantine for 14 days in our new home before we could get out and explore — which proved a rougher start than expected. 

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My Spring Wish for You

My Spring Wish for You

Spring is in the air and I hope this season of new beginnings is bringing a smile to your face and sparking optimism in your heart.  

Here on Kauai, baby chicks are roaming the island with their protective moms, plumeria buds are bringing life back to trees, and after a month of rain the sun is showing up for us daily. 

This season of positive change is blooming and I’m grateful!

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