Aloha Friends!

Spring is in the air and I hope this season of new beginnings is bringing a smile to your face and sparking optimism in your heart.  

Here on Kauai, baby chicks are roaming the island with their protective moms, plumeria buds are bringing life back to trees, and after a month of rain the sun is showing up for us daily. 

This season of positive change is blooming and I’m grateful!

The world right now is experiencing a season of positive change too. While life is far from our previous normal, people are feeling more hopeful than even a few months ago, and beginning to step out of their homes and connect with others in a way most haven’t in over a year.

I personally have been enjoying more in-person time with friends and family (safely) — including a private catamaran sail up the Na Pali coast for a friend’s birthday, which was breathtakingly beautiful, but also, a 6-hour seasick ride for many aboard! (More stories of that adventure and gorgeous photos coming up on Instagram.)

I’ve also been craving more connection in my work and have temporarily returned to my coaching roots to take on a handful of clients for life coaching and business coaching to help them in this season of change and create a path for moving forward. 

Both my business coaching and life coaching have always been designed to help you experience more joy, fulfillment, and ease, and if this is something you’d like help with, you’re invited to join me here

Whether it’s living now on a tropical island, or when I called Boston and NYC home, no matter the change in temperature, there’s something about spring that inspires change and connection, and renews our spirits.

With this blooming new season in the air and more and more people becoming fully vaccinated, I’m also hearing friends and clients experiencing a mix of reactions. Some are excited to jump back into the outside world, hop on an airplane and book out their social calendars, while others have no desire to return to previous lifestyles, fill up their calendars or leave their cozy nests. 

No matter which group you fall into, in this season of new beginnings it’s a good time to connect with Y-O-U, create your own healthy boundaries, and honor what feels right for you.  

Keep in mind you only have to go as fast as you feel safe, and only you get to decide your new normal. 

Wishing you a beautiful season of new beginnings and positive change!

With love and aloha,


Quote I’m appreciating

“Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” – Anonymous


P.S. In case you missed the big news, Savvy Miss (my company) is getting a new name and a new look. Starting this week, we’ll be going by the name EveryDay Happy. (Just like our podcast, the EveryDay Happy Show and EveryDay Happy LIVE class.)

Nothing else is changing — we’re still the same small yet mighty team with the same mission to help you create more joy, self-love and ease in your life.

You’ll still receive the same Feel-Good Notes and EveryDay Happy Show podcast episodes you’re used to and love, and the same messages from me too.

We just think this new name is a better fit for what we’re doing. 🙂

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