The holidays are here bringing magic, good tidings and cheer.

I know our “to-do” lists run long this time of year, but I want to share these 4 ways to make your holidays even brighter:

1. Be Merry & Bright.

Take a cue from children and allow yourself to feel the excitement, joy and fun surrounding this season.

Sing out loud, dance around, throw snowballs and try not to take things too seriously.

Joy is infectious. Spread it with reckless abandon.

2. Love More.

Love yourself.

Love your friends.

Love your family.

Love your neighbors. (Even those you disagree with when it comes to politics!).

Love is what this time of year is truly about so love this world and every soul in it even more.

3. Give Freely.

Give what you can to those who don’t have as much.

Give compliments.

Give hugs.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Give up grudges.

Give yourself a high five and pat on the back for all you do. 🙂

4. Get Swept Up in the Spirit of the Season.Harper_christmas

Cozy up by a fire. Savor the smell of Christmas trees and sight of twinkling lights. Bake and devour cookies sans guilt!

Get swept away in the magic of the season and traditions that make you happy.

Harper and I will no doubt be watching Meet Me in St. Louis, Love Actually and Home Alone (because after watching them dozens of times, they still make me happy).

All the while sipping hot cocoa and nibbling my mom’s famous holiday cookies. (Hint, hint, mom if you’re reading!)

This is a magical time of year. Enjoy every moment because like a snowflake in all its unique beauty it’ll be gone too quickly.

Wishing you and yours Merry, Happy Everything!


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