(In case you missed my last email and you’re wondering why I’m saying “Aloha” my pup Harper and I moved to Kauai!) 

First, I hope this note finds you happy and healthy. We’ve been processing more than usual and it’s important to take extra care of your mind, body, and soul by relaxing and doing less — guilt-free. 

Today, I wanted to check-in and say hello, share a few things I’ve been up to and resources I hope will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. 🙂

  1. What I’m celebrating: The EveryDay Happy Show podcast is in the top 30% of all podcasts! In my last email, I introduced you to this brand new podcast that I’m so excited to be hosting and creating with our Savvy Miss Team. 

Thanks to you and all of our early listeners, in less than two months, the show has hit this very exciting first milestone. Here are some of the most popular episodes so far if you haven’t yet taken a listen: 

Why You Must Live Your Life for You.

Expect Great Things.

Shattering Glass Ceilings and Taking Time to Rest & Restore. 

This podcast has been such a labor of love and if you would take a moment to give it 5 stars on iTunes, it would mean so much to me. Click here and then select “Listen on Apple Podcasts” to give the show 5 stars and leave a review. Thank you in advance! 


  1. What I’ve been benefiting from: Taking my own advice by relaxing more and doing less. 

Lately, I’ve been taking an hour off work in the afternoon to do a whole lotta nada. Some days I float in the ocean, read a book, or take a long walk with Harper. 

I’ll admit, the first day a part of me felt like I should be back at my computer. But I quickly realized this “Me Time” isn’t a luxury, but a necessity — things in the world have been crazier than usual and as a response, my body, mind, and soul need more time to unplug. And every time I return to my work feeling far more focused, relaxed, and recharged.

If your body’s feeling a little extra tired and stiff or your brain’s a little foggy, I highly encourage you to go easy on yourself, sleep more, and take some time to kick back, relax and do less.


3. What I’m reading: Speaking of taking time to enjoy, if you’re in need of escaping into a good novel, I’m loving The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty! 


4. Quote I’m inspired by: “I may be the first woman to hold this office, but I won’t be the last.” — Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 

Last week, history was made in the United States — 100 years after women were given the right to vote, a woman will be vice president.

Now little girls all over the country will grow up seeing a woman in this high position and knowing they can do it too. And that’s something that I hope everyone finds inspiring and exciting — no matter who you voted for. 

That’s all for today. Thank you again for supporting the EveryDay Happy Show podcast, and I hope you can be a little more gentle with yourself, take it easy and do a little less in your day — guilt free. 

Sending you love and aloha! 



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P.P.S. Here’s a preview of some of the most popular episodes of the EveryDay Happy Show podcast so far: 

If you’re in the mood to … let go of fear, judgment, and other people’s opinions, and live a life that’s truly for you, listen here to Episode 1.

If you’re in the mood to … create a happy, easygoing life, with practical tips you can start using right away to find more joy and goodness in your days, listen here to Episode 2

If you’re in the mood to … finally reach your goals, pursue your passions, and get unstuck, listen here to Episode 3.

If you’re in the mood to … feel more joy in just five minutes, release worry, and trust the process, listen here to Episode 4.


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